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Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack Review 2016

The Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack is an excellent way for kids to code while having a great time playing with robots. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re playing with an educational toy. Make your robots do all types of movements and sounds and much more with the free and easy to use apps on iOS and Android devices.

TitleWonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack
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My son has been wanting these robots for a while now and when he finally got them his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I made sure to update and charge both Dash and Dot before giving them to him so he could start playing right away and not have to wait. He started playing with the remote control app called “Go” first but quickly gave it up to dive into the good stuff, the coding apps. There are two free coding apps available for use with the robots, called “Wonder” and “Blockly”. Both offer a wide variety of functions program onto the robots for many different effects.

You can record your own sounds, create light shows, make a catapult, even put on a complex dance show. There really is quite an amazing variety of things you can do, you can even use the robots to code your own games. The coding apps don’t require any previous knowledge, they’re very child friendly and offer tutorials that gradually increase in difficulty so your child can learn at their own pace.

You can link together different commands to get them to do just about anything you can think of and they are made of very durable plastic so you don’t have to worry about them getting dropped and broken. They also have sensors built in to prevent them from running into large objects. The Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack works best on a hard floor but work perfectly fine on short carpet as well.

Everything is done through visual coding, which means you can select a command from a list and add it to the other commands already selected. When you link them together you can use many different things to trigger the action, such as a timer or even clapping your hands.

I thought this was just for kids but recently when my son was sleeping I decided to mess around with it a bit to see what I could come up with. Hours later I had to force myself to turn it off or I would have been up all night. It’s very fun to play with and I had that thing zipping around all over the place, lights flashing and everything. I felt like a kid again and even learned a thing or two. I can’t recommend the Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack enough, especially if you have a very curious child like I do. You won’t be disappointed.

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