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In a world of computers and robotics, it makes lot of sense to ensure that the child gets introduced to these wonderful devices at an early age. While giving it a formal introduction to computers in the form of school lessons would be a way out, not many children would be willing to learn computers the formal way. Hence the best way would be to introduce it to the capabilities of computer in the form of games and this is where gaming robotics has an important role to play. There is one particular game known as wondershop workshop dash and dot which is quite popular amongst thousands of young children above the age of 5. It would be not a bad idea to have a closer look at it and look at the various features.

The Complete Reviews For Dash & Dot Robot:

Dash And Dot Robot Pack

Dash and Dot Robot Pack Reviews 

  • A new definition has been given to playtime with Dash and Dot. It also help the child to learn coding in a play way. Hence it is a great educational too.
  • Some of the best sensors are used for interacting with the outside world. They are capable of finding out objects, listening to sounding and also understand when the plaything is being moved.
  • It can do almost anything that one can imagine and conceive. It can arrange a dance party, have a message delivered to a friend and even find its way through a course which is full of obstacles.
  • They are sold in fully assembled and ready to use condition.
  • It requires only 2 lithium ion batteries to perform the various tasks.
  • It is also compatible with iPad or even Android tablets where one download the various apps that control Dash & Dot better.

Dash And Dot Robot Wonder Pack

Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack Reviews

  • Extremely popular amongst children above 8 years of age, even grown up adults find this play robot very exciting and intriguing.
  • They are available in ready to use and fully assembled format.
  • Apart from helping the children to enjoy the various functionalities of the Dash & Dot pack, it also helps the little ones to learn the basic of coding and computing. Hence it goes a long way in educating them the play way.
  • The plaything is capable of interacting with the world outside. It does so using sensors. Hence it able to recognize voice, sounds, and looks for objects and find them. It also would be able to understand when it is being move around.
  • It can therefore perform a host of household chores too. Ask it to deliver a message to a friend it will be able to do. It can also go in for a dance party, and can easily move around obstacles that are otherwise difficult to cross.

Dash Robot

Dash Robot Review

  • Children above 8 years can well and truly get a firsthand experience of robots. It is a device which is fully responsive to the world.
  • There are many apps available which can help bring the robot to full life.
  • There are a number of coding adventures available which can help the children to learn a bit of coding too.
  • Full compatible with Android and Apple smart devices.
  • Using these devices and downloading the required apps it is possible to mad the play robot make sounds, dance, light on its own and perform a host of other amazing functions.
  • No separate tutorials are needed. The device comes with in-built tutorials and therefore it becomes very user friendly within a short period of time.
  • Comes in ready to use condition with batteries included. Also comes with USV charging cables and connectors to make it compatible with bricks.
  • Highly popular because of the various awards including Gold awards from National Parenting for 2015 and quite a few others.

Wonder Workshop Dot Robotics Kit

Dot Robotics Kit Review

  • Feature packed with hundreds of adventures which also help children to code.
  • These are available in the various easily downloadable Wonderly & Blockly Apps.
  • Making good use of Android and Apple smart phones it is possible to convert Dot into a treasure house of gadgets and home.
  • It can function as a spaceship that flies, make it function as an alarm clock or it could even tell fortunes. It also can b converted into an electronic instrument.
  • Comes in a ready to use format. No batteries are required.
  • USB cable for charging is also provided.
  • Is compatible with Wonder Workshop Brick Connecting Tools.
  • Winner of many awards which make it very popular and much sought after.

Dash hangs out with Obama as he writes his first line of code!

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It is wonderful way to inculcate the child to the basic of computing. It will help the children to show interest in the way computers work because it is all explained the play-way. Further, when one chooses the right robotic game, it will go a long way in helping the child spend some quality time on its own. There are literally dozens of such games and therefore choosing the right one could be a tough job.Look at who are teaching Obama: Dash hangs out with Obama as he writes his first line of code!!!Quick Start Guide


Why The Sudden Surge In Growth:

Though there are a number of reasons as to why there is surge in the growth of these robotic games. The first and foremost reason could be attributed to the fact that children are becoming more tech savvy and internet savvy. Secondly, many parents find this a wonderful tool to help their children to learn computers and robotics in the play way without putting too much of strain on them. Further it has been researched and found out that being in touch with these games on a regular basis would help a lot in increasing dexterity of fingers, analyzing power, hand eye coordination and much more. It certainly helps a lot in igniting minds and increasing their concentration, focus, apart from learning them to be patient and persevering.

Schools Have Started Realizing Its Benefits:

NAPPA Gold WinnerIf you have a child who is always tinkering with gadgets, perhaps even breaking them and damaging them, as a parent you should wake up and take notice. Instead of chiding the child and putting it down, you should be amazed that he or she is able to think out of the box. Such children should be bought in touch with technology at an early stage of their life. Towards this objective, buying them some good robotic games would be a great idea.

NAPPA Gold Winner

In fact many schools have started realizing the benefits and advantages of the same. There are quite a few schools which organize robotic camps where they are brought closer to these fascinating technological inventions. They teach them about the designing, programming and building of these gadgets and there are experts who teach the children about the same. It also would be pertinent to mention that in most cases it is done by way of gaming activities so that it makes the whole camp interesting and prevents boredom and monotony from creeping in.

Through such games where some of the best robotic technologies are used, the child gets answers to some tough questions in a simple and practical manner where the use of theory is kept to the minimum. These camps also go a long way in helping build team spirits and camaraderie. Therefore at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that such games are very useful and offer could value for money. However, the challenge lies in identifying the right games keeping in mind the age, gender and other such factors.

Where To Look For The Games

The child robotic gaming industry is going by leaps and bounds and it has been showing very exciting growth over the past few years. Hence, today one can come across scores of games and choosing a good game could often be a tough and challenging task. Before getting into the task of finding out the sources of such games, it would be better to offer the right game to the right child. As parents, guardians and teachers, the onus lies on us to choose a robotic game which the child likes and which will help in ticking his or her imagination and make the child ask questions and be inquisitive. This would call for observation of the child and then moving forward with the right gaming solutions.

Now coming to the ways and means by which the right game can be identified, there is no doubt that being in touch with the internet is the best option. Though there are a number of brick and mortar stores where one could get to find some games, when it comes to variety there is hardly any doubt that the internet is a better option. It has some of the widest choices of robotic play games for children. They come in different price ranges and cater to different age groups. As a general rule of the thumb, robotic play games are suitable for children who are above the age of 8. They have quite a few options to choose from keeping their specific needs and requirements in mind.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Them Online:

While there is no dearth of choice as far as the online market is concerned, one needs to exercise care and caution while buying these robotic play games. There are quite a few not so genuine players who are there to cheat the customers with some sub standard games. One has to be careful about them. Hence before buying them online, it would be better to look some genuine and trusted reviews of customers and also look up reputed ecommerce sites where these games are sold. This will help customers to know more about the features, functionalities and then make a buying decision. They should also pay lot of attention to the warranty and guarantee terms and conditions failing which one could end up with defective games with no options to have them replaced or get the money back.

CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs, please  read user guide.

Where Can I Buy Robots?

There are some wonderful sites which list down some of the best robotic games for children. Going through such sites will help in choosing a game that is line with specific needs and requirements. It will also help the customers to have a better idea about the prices and the discounts which are offered. At the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that robotic play games for children are good investments to make on the child.

Dash and Dot Robot Pack

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Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack

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Dash Robot

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Dot Robotics Kit

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